Being one of the largest countries, China boasts undiscovered and incredible scenic locations that are hard to find. Starting from the Northwest Deserts to the Southeast Coast, there are plenty of landscapes worth capturing. This country has the world-best rivers, gardens, and ancient architecture that gives you an oriental feel.

Welcoming people

As China comprises the most extensive world population, there are many people with whom you can interact. They enjoy chatting and taking selfies, and hence you can also begin an intellectual conversation to know more about their local history.

A host family is a family that provides free housing and food to Aupair. Host family is a family which consists of at least a parent and a child who is willing to participate in the cultural exchange program . by host an Au pair from other country , treating him/her as part of the family. Most host families tend to think of their Au pairs as a brother or sister ,and get to know the Au pair’s family back in their native country .
Chinese Host family

1. Becoming a host family means welcoming an Au  pair who becomes an      extended family member into their home .
2. Able to provide a private bedroom for the Au pair;
3. Host family should embrace cultural difference,ready to adapt and  
    adjust unfamiliar cultural encounters .
4. Host family are willing to introduce their own culture to Au pair as well
    willing to teach Au pair regular practices in the house of something that      is imperative for him or her to learn in order to prevent   
    misunderstanding or possible harmful incidents.
5. Au pair will have access to bathroom, laundry, kitchen, utilities.
6. Family with at least one child under age 18

Requirement of becoming host family

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